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madras pavilion
9025 research blvd
(512) 719-5575
Madras Pavilion is located in a small suburban shopping center on the northeast corner of Burnet and Research.  The setting is pretty typical for a medium tier Indian restaurant - fairly plain with a few Indian flourishes and some inappropriate cheap holiday or party garlands which seem to be hung year-round.  The place is usually jammed with Indian clientele with children.  The place is bustling and a little noisy with the kids.  Casual dress for westerners is fine, but a lot of the Indian women dress up in beautiful robes and dresses.  The wait staff are quiet and efficient.
Madras Pavilion is the webmaster's favorite restaurant in Austin because of the vegetarian Indian buffet which can be had at lunch 7 days a week.  I have never had anything off the menu, but if it's like the buffet, this food should be spectacular too.  The buffet consists of several types of soup (all spicy), several types of bread, a couple or three rice dishes, and a selection of 7-10 other entrees.  Additionally there are plenty of the tasty Indian condiments (including the cilantro sauce, yogurt sauce, etc.) and a couple of salads.  Let's not forget that after all the spicy food, there are one or two creamy, sweet desserts (rice pudding, frozen mango sherbet, etc.).  Like the soups, many of the entrees are spicy, but not dangerously so.  If you are hungry, vegetarian, and in need of the perfect balance of spicy and sweet food, MP is the place for you.  You can find the menu in PDF format HERE
Cost:  Approximately 9.00 USD per person for the buffet. Web: Madras Pavilion website Overall Rating: ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼



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